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Kāinga Ora

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GovTech Accelerator

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Grey’s ave

The accelerator programme helped Kāinga Ora create a user-centric solution, which in turn secured investment from senior leadership. The programme helped save time, money and resources when developing the solution, as well as enabling staff growth and professional development.

How we did it

Single-site support housing, similar to the proposed development at Kāinga Ora’s Greys Ave site, has been successfully implemented overseas at scale, however, this concept will be a first for Aotearoa. Kāinga Ora needed to embrace new approaches to ensure they build a thriving and connected community at Greys Ave.

The GovTech accelerator helped the team by:

Saving time
All the data on the insights, impact and outcomes gathered through the problem discovery process were invaluable. They allowed the team to save at least 6 to 9 months post-programme, when completing an additional needs analysis. The storyboard and prototype, based on user feedback, also saved significant design and development time.

Promoting organisational development
This project has been a catalyst for Kāinga Ora opening up to new ways of problem-solving and coming up with solutions, which they have embedded in parts of the organisation.

The result

By the end of the accelerator the team:

Secured funding

Senior leaders understood the insights and saw the value of the solution. This meant investment was approved for a growing team (including three from the accelerator team) to operationalise the solution

Built a working prototype

A framework and a digital platform that incentivises community engagement using time banking and virtual token currency to activate communal spaces. This provides an opportunity for the whole community to contribute and use their skills.

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