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The problem

Imagine if we had a 3D model of the entire country – managing land, understanding natural hazards, adapting to climate change, surveying, engineering and construction would be revolutionized. But, if this data is locked up in proprietary and overly technical formats, it would only be available to select few with resources to access it. 

LiDAR is a technology that enables highly accurate elevation data captured from fixed-wing aircraft, and programmes are underway to capture this data throughout most of New Zealand. A team, including people from Toitū Te Whenua (LINZ) were tasked with ensuring that the benefits were realized for New Zealand as a whole. This involved raising awareness of the program, discussing the availability of the data, and getting people to understand the different use cases. The project aimed to build a central hub where people could find all the information they need, find the data, learn how to use it, and how they might apply it in their business or for government purposes.

The solution

The solution implemented by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) involved two main components.

The first component was Elevation Aotearoa, which serves as a central hub for all information related to the Elevation programme. It included a release schedule that provided information about when and where new data would become available, as well as guidance for getting started with using the data. The platform also featured case studies that showcased the practical applications of the data.

The second component of the solution was establishing good governance, which aimed to keep all stakeholders connected and informed. The data was owned by LINZ in a partnership with local and regional councils.

The data from Elevation Aotearoa played as a critical resource in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle, enabling teams to better understand which communities would be most affected.

Overall, the solution provided an accessible, centralized platform for elevation data, making it easier for a wide range of users to access and utilize this valuable resource.

GovTech impact

Elevation Aotearoa benefited from GovTech in several ways. First, by partnering with GovTech, they were able to access a wider network of potential customers in the public sector. This helped them to expand their business and reach new clients.

Second, GovTech provided the company with valuable resources and support, including access to funding opportunities and mentorship from experienced professionals. This enabled the company to grow and develop its products more quickly and effectively than it would have been able to otherwise.

Finally, the company was able to use the GovTech program as a marketing tool, showcasing its involvement with the government and positioning itself as a trusted provider of technology solutions to the public sector. This helped to enhance the company’s reputation and credibility, which in turn helped it to attract new clients and opportunities.

What was enabled by GovTech

The impact of GovTech on the project was significant. The team mentioned that they might have been able to achieve their goals eventually, but it would have taken them three to four times as long. By participating in GovTech, they were able to focus intensely on the problem without the distraction of BAU. The problem discovery tools addressed assumptions and extracted information from stakeholders which enabled them to really comprehend the issue. GovTech created a high-paced environment that pushed the team to work efficiently and quickly. Overall, GovTech enabled the team to make significant progress in a short amount of time, and they attribute much of their success to the program.

GovTech provided an opportunity to bounce ideas off other people and create connections within the cohort, which included organizations like Kainga Ora and Greater Wellington Regional Council. By being in this environment, participants were able to gain valuable insights into the challenges that other organizations were facing, and this helped them to identify potential solutions for their own problems.

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