Logan City Council

Kickstarting Logan City’s innovation scene

Who we worked with

Logan City Council

What we did together

T7 Masterclass programme

Key Skills

Applied Innovation, Innovation delivery, Thought leadership

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“Government effectiveness and innovation” – G2G

Logan City Council has big plans to fast-forward the city’s growth as an innovative, dynamic, sustainable city of the future. They approached Creative HQ with an ambitious idea: to kickstart the city’s innovation scene by building the innovation capability of its citizens.

“I loved working with new people and developing new skills that genuinely have real-world application across any context or industry. It was also fun to road-test these on some interesting case study projects and immediately see the impact that could be made if the proposed solutions were implemented.” 

T7 Masterclass

How we did it

In consultation with the Logan City Council team, we set out to run our T7 Masterclass to promote and build entrepreneurial capability in the city. The T7 Masterclass in Innovation, part of Creative HQ’s education and training programme, is designed in seven training tiers to develop participants’ knowledge, capability and practice of innovation. Each tier is delivered as a short, intensive training module with an assessment at the end. The tier levels are designed as building blocks, with the successful completion of each tier being a prerequisite to the next. It is the ultimate qualification for an individual looking to position themselves as both a practitioner and a facilitator of innovation, with a focus on the ‘Learn and Do’ model.

The result

The course was designed with a hybrid model in mind, allowing for both in-person and online workshops. Twenty people took part in the first tier of the Masterclass. However, shortly after the completion of T1, the spread of COVID-19 to Australia and New Zealand meant we had to quickly rethink our strategy and move to a completely remote delivery model. With the first four tiers completed, we are now continuing our work with Logan City Council for the delivery of the remaining three tiers.

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