Mindset of Design

Mindest of Design: a human-centered festival

Man on stage at MOD opening
Who we worked with

Speakers around Wellington and New Zealand

What we did together

1-week festival

Key skills

human-centred design

Exploring how humans can work better together.

Ultimately it is people who make our world a better place, not the technology we choose to use. Creative HQ wanted to support the makers behind the tools while celebrating the people that use them so we developed Mindset of Design (MOD) to put a spotlight on human-centred design.

Wow! Just wow! What a selection of events!
I was strapped for time to attend more events but I will be marking my diary next year to attend as many as I can. With thanks again. I am incredibly inspired.”

Attendee, MOD

How we did it

With MOD, we set out to shift mindsets, expand horizons and explore the ‘unobvious’. We believe the key to addressing any problem or opportunity is to develop a deep understanding of the situation from a customer perspective first. From arts and culture to science and technology, we decided to showcase the importance of human-centred design across a range of sectors by bringing together those with a mindset of design.

The result

A vibrant Wellington festival of human-centred design that hosted 45 events over five days. While we focused on celebrating local talent the festival drew attendees from national and international organisations, small business owners and individual entrepreneurs from NZ, Australia, Canada, USA, Finland, the UK and India. Through MOD we brought together thought leaders, industry experts, design professionals, leadership coaches, local heroes and more. The only requirement – a mindset of pushing boundaries, re-thinking definitions and challenging the status quo.

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Supporting businesses in Wellington and Aotearoa during Covid.