Resilience Aotearoa

Improving Aotearoa’s response to emergencies and crises

Who we worked with

LINZ, National emergy management agency

What we did together

GovTech Accelerator

During an emergency, reliable geospatial data is a critical asset for a successful response. This crucial information isn’t always easy to find, analyse or take action. Responders often rely on personal contacts as information is uncoordinated and fragmented across different organisations and community response groups, creating uncertainty in decision making, duplication of effort and difficulty managing the response.

How we did it

The GovTech accelerator helped the Resilience Aotearoa team by addressing 3 main areas:

Saving money

Previous solutions have been developed by individual organisations during emergencies, resulting in duplication of effort and resources. The accelerator brought together key stakeholders in emergency management to design a solution that reflects the needs of all.

Capability building

Coaching and upskilling enabled the team to and take a user-centered design approach to get to the root cause of the problem.


The project team has received commitment from key organisations to continue to work collaboratively for a further 6 months as they develop a proof of concept.

The result

The creation of a standardised data catalogue ‘CODEM’ that collates existing emergency datasets so that users can easily access them by searching the catalogue or pulling them from pre-bundled data collections. CODEM will reduce mid-response panic by maintaining the catalogue during peacetime so that during the next emergency, the geographic information needed can be accessed instantly.

CODEM will ultimately include data on damages, vulnerable communities, critical infrastructure, road closures and welfare centre locations all from a single web portal. CODEM will reduce risk to life and better place Aotearoa to plan, respond and recover from emergencies collectively as a nation.

The accelerator also helped Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand receive commitment from six key organisations and communities of practice to develop the proof of concept in 2022.

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