EduHack – Latin America

EduHack: Latin America Hackathon took place in Wellington, December 2017. At the event we engaged with change makers, students, community leaders and education experts who wanted to share their passion and connect our youth with the languages and cultures of Latin America. More updates and 2018 opportunities coming soon.

The newly formed Latin America CAPE * and Creative HQ came together to bring you the first-ever Latin American EduHack. The hackathon explored language and culture learning in our schools and innovative ways to enhance Aoteroas’ offerings. Latin America will be an exciting part of New Zealand’s future. Together, we discovered the impact we can make when multiple groups from all areas of our education arena unite.

Over the course of 24 hours we delved into the following topics: How can we share the rich cultures of Latin America here in Aotearoa? How can we encourage our young learners to take Spanish for NCEA? How can schools better celebrate, enable and sustain language learning? How can we leverage emerging technologies to introduce unfamiliar regions in world-leading ways? How do we show our youth that learning other languages can translate to rewarding career paths and the brightest futures?

These questions sparked the start of a deeper conversations for many and the event was a transformative, innovative experience for the participants. It was fun-filled, challenging and inspiring experience to be apart of. Stay tuned for more updates for future EduHack based events on this page.

*Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence

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