Government services are often complex and fragmented, meaning it can take more effort to deal with government than it should. Change in government can also be slow and painful. But, like any other large organisation, government needs to adapt or face disruption.

Creative HQ teamed up with MBIE to create the Result 9 – Better for Business Accelerator. Our goal was to make it easier for businesses to interact with NZ government. The R9 Accelerator was initiated to test new ways of sourcing and procuring innovative solutions to problems faced in government. Working with our carefully chosen partners we selected teams of creative innovators from the public and private sector to go through an in-residence accelerator.

Teams had three months to dive deep into their Opportunity areas, understand the problems and identify solutions that would meet the customers’ needs.

R9 was one of the first programmes of its kind in the world and is a finalist for the New Zealand Innovation Awards 2016.  

If you are interested in participating in an initiative like this, head over to the Lightning Lab GovTech space for more information!