Creative HQ’s new Startup Garage series kicked off last night with Snapper boss Miki Szikszai offering insights on the startup journey his team has gone through.

“Our vision for Snapper is very simple- how do you make everyday things easier?”

Miki spelled out who they are, what they do, why they’re here, and the room got to tour Snapper’s product demo room throughout the evening.

Team Snapper learnt fairly quickly you can’t do it all on your own. “One of the most important things to us are the partnerships we have. They take a long time to develop but they’re critical for us in terms of punching above our weight.”

He spoke about their team philosophy and focusing their team of 17 staff and small amount of resources on a large number of things. Knowing limitations is crucial, before you’ve even started doing anything. “We know what we’re good at but we’re also very good at knowing what we’re not good at.” The best work comes when expectations and reality are aligned, he says.

His key messages for a successful team were three-fold: collaboration is key, working from facts and evidence is most effective and by allowing partnerships to develop, you can focus on what works and what doesn’t.

“These sound a bit like motherhood and apple pie but they really matter in terms of how you build a team to do things.”

With Snapper Mobile, a parking meter presence and now on the cable car, Snapper is stamping a huge mark on Wellington, as well as a growing presence in Christchurch and Whangarei. Miki touched on exciting ventures in the works such as Mobile 2.0 and connecting with the rail network .

Much more said during the Q&A, but that’s a “had to be there” story. Thanks to all who made it along.

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By Jane Lawrence

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