Over ten years ago Creative HQ was set up as a startup incubator to serve the needs of emerging startups and budding nz entrepreneurs. Today our ‘Global Growth’ founder-focused incubation programme sits amongst a full suite of other business innovation workshops, accelerators and events, offering participating startups access to New Zealand’s growing and thriving entrepreneurial community. Our startup programmes & incubators for NZ entrepreneurs can change the path of your company.

An incubator programme is one way for new businesses and startups to build confidence, define what it is that they do, and attract investment. Startups are hosted by small business incubators, who provide business development resources such as mentors, legal, admin and accounting help, office space, and networking opportunities. Small business and startup incubators are the most popular, but any product or service startup can apply for a space in an incubation programme, and it pays to shop around to find one that is most relevant to your businesses context. Over the years CreativeHQ have provided a range of startup incubation services to a wide variety of different high growth startups from book publishing to lifestyle beverages to Snapchat support, all working towards the ultimate goal – start up business investment and venture capital.

Creative HQ’s Head of Incubation, Glenn Andert, has vast experience in the world of startups, co-founding a variety of software businesses over 20 years. Since leaving Silicon Valley he now looks after the Incubation programme delivery, as well as working closely with some of our acceleration programmes such as the R9 Accelerator and Lightning Lab Manufacturing.

“Creative HQ’s incubator is the longest running of its kind in New Zealand – we’ve got the most developed programme, a really awesome network of mentors to help the ventures along, and a really great network of investors.”

– Glenn Andert

Incubation won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – our programme has a series of strict qualification requirements such as market validation, high growth potential and scalability. Being selective is better for both the venture and the host – Glenn explains, “We need to spend our time helping people that have the highest chance of getting there.”

While the length of time spent in the incubator programme varies from venture to venture, they do work within a fixed time frame. Often team members are balancing their startup business with other work, and need to extend time spent in the incubator space. However, if teams can work in the incubator fulltime, Glenn encourages them to do so, working intensively for three months.

“Startups are experiments, and for the ecosystem to work you need to run a lot of fast cheap experiments, rather than fewer more expensive and longer ones. Ventures are better off running fast, getting out there and seeing what their customers like. If they don’t like it then kill it and do something else.”

– Glenn Andert

If you’re wondering how to start a business in New Zealand, or think all your idea needs to take off is the right advice, resources, and support, Creative HQ’s startup incubation programme may be just the thing. If you’d like to find out how Creative HQ can help you get your startup off the ground please fill in the form from the link below to get things started. We’re excited to meet with you and learn how we can help – your answers will help us understand where you’re at. Everything you share with Creative HQ remains confidential.

The questions cover the foundation elements of a growth startup and should take about 10 minutes to answer. You can find the Startup Form Here


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