T7 masterclass in innovation

Build innovation capability in your organisation

If you are serious about organisational change, sign your team up for our T7 Masterclass in Innovation.

It is the ultimate qualification for organisations looking to build innovation capability while solving problems, and for teams wanting to develop growth mindsets and skill-sets.

The programme comprises of 3 qualifications:
• the Diploma in Applied Innovation (T1–3)
• the Diploma in Facilitation (T4–5)
• and the Diploma in Innovation Leadership (T6–7)

Future-proof your organisation today

​​”This programme gives you lifelong skills that allow a person to get the best out of organising any project or initiative.”

T7 Masterclass participant

Learning outcomes

When you complete the T7 Masterclass in Innovation you will:

  • become equipped with the tools and techniques of innovation necessary to solve complex problems in a structured, confident and efficient manner.
  • learn how to use core innovation methodologies (Lean, Agile, design thinking);
  • learn to combine human-centered design with new technologies to create, accelerate and scale new investable and transformative ideas.

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Diploma of applied innovation

Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3

The first 3 tiers focus on introducing the principles, methodologies and practices of effective innovation programmes.

Tier 1: Intro to innovation and problem discovery

By the end of Tier 1, you will be well-positioned to competently contribute to future innovation projects. You will learn the key principles, techniques and practices of innovation methodologies as well as the structure, format and implementation of the Creative HQ Foundation and Discovery Innovation Blocks.

Tier 2: Innovation immersion

You will learn a range of Creative HQ’s Innovation Blocks, be experienced in two sprint types, and have a solid understanding of related methodologies, tools,
techniques and resources.

Tier 3: Build, measure, learn

By the end of Tier 3, you will be able to use a variety of prototyping tools, test solutions thoroughly and effectively with users and stakeholders, and iterate based upon feedback. They will be able to use canvases and templates to look towards implementation and growth.

Diploma in facilitation

Tier 4 and Tier 5

These tiers provide an opportunity for participants to learn from the front of the room and develop skills to lead innovation workshops.

Tier 4: Embedding and co-facilitation

You will learn how to prepare a workshop or sprint, create effective runsheets, facilitate front-of-room and successfully manage different groups of people.

You will have developed a deep understanding of all the processes that happen behind the scenes when designing and facilitating a workshop/sprint with teams.

Tier 5: Lead facilitation and coaching

Following the completion of Tier 5, you are expected to be showing a growing aptitude and confidence for front-of room facilitation and one-to-one/team coaching.

Diploma of innovation leadership

Tier 6 and Tier 7

These tiers are ideal for individuals interested in a career in innovation. The training in these tiers involves mastery through the design and development of an innovation programme, plus the opportunity to either implement and evaluate that programme or research and apply a new innovation tool or technique.

Tier 6: Programme design

By the conclusion of Tier 6, participants are expected to
demonstrate their comprehensive understanding and proficiency
in all aspects of designing and delivering a highly effective and
successful innovation programme as evidenced by their work on
a real-world/case study scenario.

Tier 7: Innovation mastery

Tier 7 should be undertaken 3–6 months after Tier 6 and upon completion, participants are expected to operate at the level of an innovation specialist and must have successfully delivered at least one end-to-end Innovation Programme in an ecosystem or large organisation.

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