Creative HQ bought 16 lean entrepeneurs with a diverse range of backgrounds to Wellington in 2015. The conference, Lean 15, was to teach what is lean innovation and how to get the most out of applying lean methodologies to their business. 

Tim’s background is in digital marketing, advertising, and SEO, as a co-founder and Digital Strategy Director of Uprise. This digital marketing solutions agency delivers services to some big clients, including Unicef, The Cooperative Bank, and the University of Auckland. Uprise’s services cover all elements of digital marketing strategy, from paid search advertising and SEO through to mobile marketing and Facebook advertising.

At Uprise, Tim creates and oversees all aspects of the digital execution, engaging in lean management principles wherever possible. This enables him to deliver some amazing results for clients, building efficient online strategies and create lifelong customers. The agency has established itself in the industry, rising from a two-man team six years ago, to a crew of 19 in offices in Wellington and Auckland today. Uprise has recently been recognised as a Deloitte Fast 500 Asia Pacific company, unmistakably a lean company on the move.

Tim has also had experience working with startups, specifically GameStarter, where his understanding of lean startup innovation was essential. He has been an Advisory Board Member for nine months, offering business startup advice and helping this crowd sourced game development company get off the ground.

Lean methodologies are present throughout Tim’s work, producing efficient and optimised products and services. A potentially more familiar way to describe lean business and the lean startup model is that of the minimal viable product – maximum impact using minimal resources. The lean model strives for through rapid innovation in product development for startups, and like so many good things, was conceived in Silicon Valley.

Businesses are beginning to see the value of this modern thinking beyond the context of startups. Traditional business models are being replaced with entrepreneurial innovative thinking to meet the evolving requirements for a business to thrive in the 21st century. See Tim Pointer, an industry leader engaging lean methodologies in business at LEAN 15, as well as other entrepreneurs including Chris Clay, David Bland, and Larry Lieberman. LEAN 15 is the perfect chance for big business to learn about what is lean and why lean startup changes everything.

For more on Lean 15 visit our Lean startup event website here.

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