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Collaboration /kəlabəˈreɪʃn/

(n.) The action of working with someone to produce something.


Introducing our July theme: Collaboration.

In today’s economy, collaboration is more important than ever, in all shapes and forms, whether it’s within your own company, in the startup ecosystem or between corporates and startups.

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  • Why should privates and startups collaborate?
  • What are the challenges for the private sector and startup collaboration?
  • ZeroPoint Venture and Datacom Playbook highlights

ZeroPoint Venture and Datacom recently released a  playbook summing up the findings from NZ’s first Startup and Corporate Partnering Retreat.

The retreat highlighted the importance of fostering collaboration between startups and corporates to strengthen the economy. To achieve a successful collaboration, it’s essential to have an honest conversation around expectations and needs, to help corporates understand the startup mindset and, vice versa, for startups to understand the challenges corporates face.

To start things on the right foot, first, leave your assumptions at the door and start breaking down the myths and preconceptions on both sides from the get-go. There’s some real potential to create mutually beneficial partnerships that can lead to reciprocal growth – the challenge is to find the right approach.

The playbook presents some potential  solutions and a summary of the  key messages that emerged from the  retreat – dig in!



Should startups and big corporations collaborate?

Why Corporations Need to Collaborate With Startups?

How to make startups and corporates work together.


  • Importance of collaboration in the ecosystem
  • How to build a collaborative startup community
  • Collaborate to solve big problems

Setting out as a fledgling startup, in an increasingly competitive market, is no easy task. It can be tempting to give in to pressure and succumb to the weight of competition. But the best first step you can take goes in the exact opposite direction: to ensure the success of your venture, begin by building a strong and healthy ecosystem.

Working towards a collaborative community is vital to the development of a strong network. Focus on creating a culture that fosters inclusivity and openness; actively encouraging diversity and participation. “Try to think in ‘win-win’ terms rather than seeing interests in conflict with other players, devote many of your resources to attain full collaboration, and relentlessly communicate the need to make enhanced collaboration a success. By doing so, you set an example through your behaviour in the way you collaborate to direct the community toward more collaboration.” Read more.

Dropbox Australia & NZ Country Manager, Tony Ward, recently spoke about the importance for startups to collaborate and team up to solve big problems:

Startups can’t fix global problems alone. In order to solve big global problems – problems like cancer and climate change – one little startup is not going to solve any problem by themselves. Tackling these kinds of issues requires hundreds of thousands of people collaborating, with startups and entrepreneurs working together, and with the public and private sectors, to enable researchers to do the work that changes the world.” Read more.



Lessons for building startups communities from the founders of 1 million cups.

How to build your local startup ecosystem.

Learn to collaborate without burning out.


  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Innovation through collaboration
  • New collaboration processes

Internal collaboration is the engine that drives success, for both corporates and startups. Not sure where to start? Try encouraging bottom-up feedback, leverage employee’s strengths and set up processes and technologies that empower people. Read more.

Collaboration can open the doors to a whole new set of skills and cross-functional expertise, essential to drive innovation. Bringing together people with different backgrounds and experiences allows for new ideas and perspectives to collide, tapping into previously unexplored areas of knowledge. While some people might still think about breakthrough ideas as a movie-style “light bulb” moment, the reality is that more often than not, innovation is the product of a solid collaboration strategy between different teams and companies.

This concept is also the founding idea behind new processes and programmes like Design Sprints and Discovery Labs, that rely on multi-disciplinary teams to provide solutions and test ideas. Read more.



The next Collaboration wave.  

12 Habits of highly collaborative organisations

Beware of collaborative overload

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