Diploma in

Applied Innovation

The T7 Masterclasses in Innovation is part of Creative HQ’s School of Innovation education and training programme.

The programme comprises of three qualifications:

  • the Diploma in Applied Innovation (T1–3).
  • the Diploma in Innovation Facilitation (T4–5).
  • and the Diploma in Innovation Leadership (T6–7).

It is the ultimate qualification for organisations looking to build innovation capability while solving problems, and for teams wanting to develop growth mindsets and skill-sets.

Learning outcomes

After completing Tiers 1-3 participants will:

  • Be fully practiced and have in-depth knowledge for most of Creative HQ’s Ten Innovation Blocks, the basis for innovation events such as our sprint-based formats (including Discovery Sprints and Design Sprints).
  • Have experienced a number of sprints as an innovation practitioner.
  • Be highly competent and experienced in the use of a wide range of innovation tools and techniques, and able to incorporate these into their everyday work.