Entrepreneurs are everywhere.

CHQ helps unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of humans through transformative work experiences.

We'll help you…

Transform the way you work, creating a positive impact on your business and your customers.

Create meaningful connections with your customers through empathetic and values-driven engagement.

Raise your and your teams' capability with immersive learning experiences in innovation methodologies like co-design and design thinking.

Dare to take known risks that result in solutions that drive change.

We work with central, local and international government agencies to transform services for citizens.


We help large enterprises re-imagine their products and services, and help implement internal innovation programmes.


Take part in immersive and experiential learning experiences that will build skills in innovation methodologies that can be applied to any workplace.


Through our startup brand, Lightning Lab, we give entrepreneurs the discipline they need to turn great ideas into successful companies.

By 2025, we will have trained and upskilled 25,000 people in creating transformative work.

Design Sprints

A five-day process for rapidly tackling big challenges and creating new products or improving existing ones - all with your customers in mind.

Innovation Workshop

Workplaces are experiencing innovation at a fast pace. Spend a day learning about how a structured innovation methodologies can help your team plan and manage projects, gather and use customer feedback effectively, and develop a culture of innovation.

What people say about us

"They brought their people and experience, they brought processes and systems and they have helped us to create an understanding of how we are going to operate."

Jeannine Walsh, New Ventures Manager at Beca

"Using Creative HQ has been key to the success of getting the most out of our employees and I would really recommend it to anyone." 

Carlienne MacQueen, Programme Manager at Fonterra

"I would recommend Creative HQ because in a very short time you get the opportunity to get to validate whether your solution is something people actually value."

Felicity Bonham, Innovation and Partnership Manager at Janssen

"They got us quite quickly, and I really love the fresh thinking that they brought."

Fiona MacMillan, General Manager Corporate Communications at Sanford

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