Diploma in Facilitation

The T7 Masterclass in Innovation is part of Creative HQ’s School of Innovation education and training programme.

The programme comprises of three qualifications:

  • the Diploma in Applied Innovation (T1–3).
  • the Diploma in Facilitation (T4–5).
  • and the Diploma in Innovation Leadership (T6–7).

It is the ultimate qualification for organisations looking to build innovation capability while solving problems, and for teams wanting to develop growth mindsets and skill-sets.

Learning outcomes

After completing Tiers 4-5 participants will:

  • Be able to lead innovation programmes and facilitate others in the use of these innovation formats, tools and techniques.
  • Be a highly competent coach with a deep understanding of the skills required to nurture and drive high-performing innovation teams.
  • Understand how to create a conducive supporting environment for teams and how to identify, train and lead other coaches.