Diploma in

Innovation Leadership

The T7 Masterclasses in Innovation is part of Creative HQ’s School of Innovation education and training programme.

The programme comprises of three qualifications:

  • the Diploma in Applied Innovation (T1–3).
  • the Diploma in Facilitation (T4–5).
  • and the Diploma in Innovation Leadership (T6–7).

It is the ultimate qualification for organisations looking to build innovation capability while solving problems, and for teams wanting to develop growth mindsets and skill-sets.

Learning outcomes

After completing Tiers 6-7 participants will:

  • Be able to design an end-to-end innovation programme/framework for use within large organisations, ecosystems or jurisdictions.
  • Have completed a full cycle of design, development, delivery and evaluation of an innovation programme in ecosystems or large organisations.
  • Demonstrated through delivering an end-to-end programme that they can navigate the nuanced issues of leading successful and impactful venture development in complex ecosystems or large organisations, including through periods of organisational, environmental or disruptive change.