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Are you looking for a co-working space? You’ve come to the right space. We’ve rounded up the best co-working space in Aotearoa. Start your search.

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Coworking spaces let you share a space with other like-minded people allowing you to collaborate and share the journey with other people. Most spaces are set up for both individuals and small companies and a few will be able to cater to larger companies as well. We’ve compiled a list of some of the coworking spaces in New Zealand to help you find your perfect fit – happy hunt!

Benefits of joining a coworking space 

Freelancer life has lots of benefits, flexibility, working in your PJs and zero communing time. However things can get pretty lonely and when you start to talk to your plants, you know it might be time to look for alternative working spaces. Coworking spaces are an easy alternative to leasing an office space.  

Your coworking space checklist

  • High-speed internet: this is a non-negotiable and something that should be a given for all coworking spaces. You need a reliable internet connection to help you get s*it done.
  • Use of meeting rooms: make sure you get access to meeting rooms. Check the size (are you likely to have big meetings, or will a small room be enough?), and what the room is equipped with – whiteboards, screens, conference call tech.
  • Quiet spaces: check for quiet spaces for when you need to put your head down and focus. 
  • Printing: are there functioning printers available? Is there a cost associated with using them?
  • Kitchen facilities: think about what you are likely to need. Microwave, sandwich press, toaster, coffee machine?
  • 24/7 access to the space: especially if you have a team that works across time zones or if you are working with international clients.
  • Location: how are you going to get there? Is it going to be easy enough both on dry and rainy days? You want to make sure the space is easily accessible or you’ll end up defaulting back to working from home and you’ll end up paying for something you’ll hardly use.
  • Other perks: many co-working spaces offer additional perks to sweeten the deal. This can range from community social events to yoga classes. 

How much do co-working spaces cost?

Average prices can go from as little as $20 a month to $400, depending on the space and on the set up you require. Prices can vary depending on what you require –  like the amount of space you need (only a desk, or some storage space too?) and the lengths of your stay (are you looking for a day desk hire or a monthly agreement?).

Auckland co-working spaces

Hamilton co-working spaces

Hawke’s Bay co-working spaces

Tauranga co-working spaces

Gisborne co-working spaces

Wellington co-working spaces

Nelson co-working spaces

Christchurch co-working spaces

Dunedin co-working spaces

Queenstown co-working spaces

Wānaka co-working spaces

Have we missed your coworking space? Let us know.

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