GovTech Accelerator 2022: individual applications are now open

Applications are open for individuals to join the GovTech Accelerator 2022. GovTech provides an opportunity for individuals to join a team working on some of the biggest challenges facing the public sector.

We are looking for people who are adaptable, open-minded, team players, and want to co-design impactful solutions for central and local government. You’ll be joining an existing project to provide support during the accelerator. If this sounds like you, register your interest and we’ll be in touch.

To express your interest please fill in this form.

Key dates

April: applications open 

MayJuly: interviews and matchmaking 

August: accelerator programme starts

About GovTech 

A globally unique accelerator programme. The GovTech Accelerator provides an opportunity for local and central government agencies to tackle some of the biggest and more urgent issues facing Aotearoa and the world. GovTech is part of Creative HQ, an organisation working to support the people in government who want to take a different approach to problem-solving. Creative HQ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WellingtonNZ. 

The GovTech Accelerator is a 13-week government innovation programme that takes place annually in Wellington (though teams and individuals can work remotely as well). The accelerator takes projects and staff from government agencies that are tackling complex problems and applies innovation methodologies to create solutions that work. The programme aims to solve root-cause problems, facilitate collaboration, and upskill participants – driving better outcomes for citizens.


The GovTech Accelerator takes big problems and develops fit-for-purpose solutions that can have a meaningful, lasting impact. There is no specific theme for the 2022 GovTech Accelerator and projects may cover a wide range of topics and areas. Have a look at last year’s alumni to get an impression.

Skills requirement

The required skill set of team members varies for each project. The GovTech team will work to match the skills of applicants with the needs of the project to build a project team. We want individuals who are motivated to design better outcomes for New Zealanders and their communities. We’re looking for developers, designers, UX researchers/ designers, and project managers; people with marketing, communications, and business expertise – just to name a few! 

You may be a generalist or have a specific skill, either way, the following skills are complementary to the expertise you bring to the team:

  1. Find an opportunity in everything
  2. Empathy
  3. Resilience
  4. Active listening

“Contracting with GovTech is a great way to meet people who care about solving problems. The programme gives you hands-on experience with building solutions that fit: from researching and validating your idea, to developing prototypes and making it a reality. In short, it’s a great investment in your personal and professional development.”

Moiz Penka
GovTech 2021 contractor


The GovTech Accelerator is an opportunity to work collaboratively with government agencies and public servants, outside of a business as usual environment. Through the programme, you will build valuable skills, which will set you up for your next move. 

  • Learn and utilise public sector innovation methodologies.
  • Build your network across the public sector.
  • Finetune your relationship management skills. 
  • Flex your autonomy and agility muscles.
  • Deepen your knowledge of a particular sector. 
  • Grow your communication and leadership skills.

For more information about getting involved in the accelerator please contact:

Milou Lustermans
Programme manager

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