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We help innovators around the world to transform their ideas into real-world solutions. But we don’t just supply the answer. Instead, we put people at the heart of their own problems.

Innovators are everywhere. And innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, in all industries and sectors. So, we work with startups and established businesses, government agencies and corporations. But there’s one thing they all share: a desire to make change.

Our world-leading hub of innovation began in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington. Originally established in 2003 by WellingtonNZ, we were asked to support the development of high-growth new business, with a focus on emerging technologies.

With the support of WellingtonNZ, we showed government agencies, startups and businesses, how to reimagine and reinvent their approach. Also offering the ability to learn these hands-on skills through our School of Innovation, we’re equipped with the tools to build connectedness, capability and confidence you need to unleash your innovations to the world.

Creative HQ is your place of innovation – whether you’re an entrepreneur, a learner, or a public servant. We’re here to help you play on the edge, ask the hard questions and push boundaries of problem solving, with the goal to make real impact.

Our purpose is to be wildly impactful for Wellington and to give others the energy they need to innovate. This is what we do. This is our kaupapa. Building capability, confidence and connectedness in innovation.

Creative HQ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WellingtonNZ.

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Our values

We bring our shared values to everything we do.

Change the game

We stand for being transformative, creating profound impact through profound change

Dive into the deep

We stand for being daring, taking conscious risks and inspiring action.

Connect and create

We stand for being connected,
to people, to our kaupapa, and
to keeping the ecosystem at our

Stretch your mind

We stand for learning, always
being open, listening and stretching our minds.

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