GovTech Startup Accelerator

Ambitious founders tackling some of the most urgent challenges and creating a positive impact for their communities.


Introducing the 2023 GovTech Startup Programme.

This is a 3 month intensive support programme for 10 high potential startups working on government identified issues and / or looking to become large government suppliers in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. 

These startups are led by ambitious founders tackling some of the most urgent challenges and creating a positive impact for their communities. 

We have entrepreneurs tackling challenges across the spectrum of government innovation, in areas such as tourism demand prediction software, conservation land concession management, public sector data as a service (PSDaaS), an AI supported te reo Māori learning platform, NZ native coffee alternatives and a psycho-educational game to reduce reoffending and create safer prisons.

The opportunity for innovation in areas of government interest and focus is vast. We are delighted to be supporting these founders on their journey to create outcomes that will benefit us all.

Read more about the chosen teams.

Key dates

16 Oct Programme begins

4-5 Dec Midway event

14 Dec – 22 Jan 2024 Summer break

16 Feb 2024 Showcase

The 2023 GovTech Startup Accelerator is brought to you by
MC on stage opening up the Climate Response Accelerator showcase

“The best part is that once the programme ends, the support doesn’t. You’re welcomed into a community of founders, mentors, experts, investors and friends who want you to succeed. Have an ask, put it out to the community and someone will answer it.”

Michal Garvey

Meet the teams

Here are the startups working on the cutting edge of innovation

Triple Scoop

An incubation studio, allowing teams and startups the ability to rapidly launch and validate digital businesses at scale.

Revo Tech

Revo Tech aims to navigate the complexities of AI integration to deliver high-impact solutions that meet operational objectives.

Wellbeing Checkin

A human-centred software platform facilitating trusted and meaningful wellbeing conversations to support employees to thrive.


A health-promoting and nature-positive native coffee-alternative.

Manana Games

Manana Games is building an in-prison, psychoeducational game to reduce reoffending and create safer prisons.

Road Guru

Helping to protect all life in our protected environment through helping concession managers and concessionaires manage productivity, data and environmental impact of commercial operations in protected areas.


Vistr is a market information platform to support tourism destination management, providing the most complete picture of a destination’s composition, performance and visitor experience.


Travel-Lab is a team of Tourism Revolutionaries aiming to reinvent how travel is consumed.


Ako Innovations is all about creating engaging Edtech for Te Reo Māori learners.

Data n Dashboards

Empowering communities and organizations with data-driven decisions for a brighter future

Woman writing on whiteboard in a Creative HQ workshop

Two founders working remotely at their laptops.

Inside our accelerators

Our accelerators are structured, 3 month programmes with the dual mission of building founder capability and accelerating startup growth. Each programme follows a standard weekly cadence and delivers 6-8 hours a week of structured support to participating founders.

Each of our accelerators also have a specific industry focus. Thematic accelerators allow us to build a strong centre of gravity around an industry which becomes a magnet to attract the right capital, mentors, experts and sponsors. To date, we have run programmes, with the following themes:

  • Climate
  • FinTech
  • Tourism
  • Blockchain
  • GovTech
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Female Founders

How we will support founders

Selected teams will receive the following support through the Accelerator:

  • Dedicated mentors and a Creative HQ coach
  • Curated workshops & speaker sessions
  • Access to Creative HQ  tools & content
  • Access to network & community
  • Connections to business, government, investors & community leaders 
  • Free dedicated workspace in Wellington, discounted around country
GovTech Accelerator participant standing and smiling

What we stand for

More Government innovation

Increase the number and scale of innovative govt. focussed startups in NZ to enable more innovation within government and create tangible solutions.

Connection for startups

Create a channel for startups to access Govt. contacts, to more clearly understand their needs as well as the procurement processes. Create opportunities for founders to access suitable investment.

Build founder capability

Provide founders with the (1) capability to build high-impact companies, (2) confidence to use innovation tools and methodologies and (3) connectedness to an innovation ecosystem. Increase success rate of alumni companies, improve founder wellbeing.

Get inspired by our alumni