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We help local, central and international government agencies tackle some of the most urgent challenges and create a positive impact for their communities.

How? We do this by introducing you to proven innovation principles and processes through the GovTech Accelerator.

The programme creates valuable projects in 13 weeks, reducing costs and de-risking innovation in the public sector.

This is our sixth year of the GovTech Accelerator. So far we’ve been part of 52 project teams and joined by 210 participants who delivered innovative solutions across the public service.

We’re looking for public sector project teams who understand the problem that they face and are prepared to have a specific focus on rapid solution development. This approach will require build, test and iteration cycles of a solution concept that will likely be tech-based.

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Key Dates

Mid Oct Startup Accelerator kick-off

Early Sep GovTech Launch Event

Early 2024  GovTech Accelerator kick-off

May 2024 Public Showcase





Local and central government bodies


NGOs and businesses



2023 Impact Report

Through a focus on collaborative innovation, impact measurement and upskilling opportunities, GovTech is empowering public sector organisations and departments to stay ahead of the curve and meet the needs of citizens in a rapidly changing world.

With 52 projects through our programme over the past five years and over 60% still active, take a look at the report and find out more about their journey with the GovTech Accelerator.

Some of the agencies that took part in the accelerator:

Get involved in 2024

Hear from our GM Government Innovation, Jonnie Haddon as he speaks on the evolution of the GovTech Accelerator and what to expect this year.

Already have a project in mind and want to get in touch? You can contact our team below.

Or check out this GovTech overview which explains more about this year’s GovTech Accelerator and how it will overcome the problems of “1,000 blooming flowers within our public sector’ that go on to fade & die.

Hear from Jonnie, our GM Government Innovation

2022 projects

Government agencies, NGOs and startups came together in the fifth GovTech Accelerator.

In 2022 we had 14 government projects, NGOs and Startups joining us – all focusing on social and environmental challenges that are facing Aotearoa.

Find out more.

Why GovTech?

Here are five reasons to get you started:

  1. Solve the root-cause problems and build the right solution to meet citizens’ needs.
  2. Work with experienced facilitators in an environment that fosters collaboration across agencies.
  3. Build innovation capability in your government staff through immersive learning by doing.
  4. Enable co-design and collaboration with citizens and the public and private sectors.
  5. Rapidly test new solutions using a safe and user-centric process.

How it works

The GovTech Accelerator is a proven model that fast-tracks projects and creates long-term solutions. The process can broadly be broken down into four steps.

1. Pick a project and get a team together

What’s top of mind? Pick an issue you’d like to prioritise. We’ll guide you to get the right team composition and we’ll help you source external team members to fill your skill gaps.

2. Put an advisory board together

You’ll have visibility all the way. The most successful teams have a strong buy-in and an advisory board ready to support them throughout their journey.

3. Innovation by method

Time to get to work. We’ll guide the teams through 13 weeks of intensive work to get them where they need to be. We’ll start with an in-depth problem discovery phase to get to the core of the problem. We’ll then move on to co-designing with the communities you are targeting.

4. See the results

By the end of the programme, your team will have validated or invalidated the initial idea. They’ll have a viable business case and/or a validated prototype. They will pitch their progress at the final Demo Day, in front of an audience of government peers, ministers and media.

Ganesh Productivity Commission

“GovTech encourages cross-agency collaboration, innovation, and creativity. It’s the recognition that if we’re going to tackle these challenges, we need to think differently.”

Dr. Ganesh Nana
Chair of the Productivity Commission

“Thank you to Creative HQ, who have led four years of government innovation through the GovTech Accelerator.”

Hon. Nanaia Mahuta
Minister for Local Government, Foreign Affairs and Associate Minister for Māori Development

Minister Clark

“It’s inspiring to see the work that comes out of these programmes that create real meaningful change for government organisations and also the people they serve. It’s the kind of approach that we need in a modern, adaptive public service.”

Hon. David Clark
Minister of the Digital Economy and Communications

Past projects

Since 2018, we’ve worked with local councils, central government agencies and international governments to fast-forward impactful projects.

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