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Innovation is part of being human, trying something new, seeing something old in a new light.

It carves a path to change. When you walk that path, people have more influence in their own lives. Crisis are easier to navigate or avoid altogether.

Systems that are stuck, seemingly immovable, start shifting.

Is there something you want to shift?

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Our work

We put people at the heart of their own problems. We use tried-and-tested tools to help reimagine and reinvent an approach. We give you everything you need to unleash your innovations to the world.

Since 2003, we’ve worked with many different organisations, along with being there from the start of an idea with others. Sharesies, Hnry, Pyper Vision, TradeMe, Ministry for the Environment and Datacom to name just a few. Will you be next?

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Jobs for Nature

A digital tool that supports communities in their efforts to engage with and safeguard nature


Empowering and protecting migrant workers

Innovation in action

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes,  in all industries and sectors. How can you bring innovation to your work? Get inspired by these stories.

Innovation in the public sector

The GovTech Accelerator uses proven innovation principles and processes to help local, central and international government agencies tackle some of the most urgent challenges and create a positive impact for their communities.

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Reusabowl: a new way to takeaway

After coming up with an idea at Climathon, Reusabowl joined The Incubator programme to keep growing. They are helping Wellingtonians live their best waste free life, with premium reusable takeaway packaging, made from plants.

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Youth Innovation

We are reimagining how to build innovation mindsets and skillsets in Gen Z New Zealanders. The Young Founders Incubator and the Wellington Innovation Hack brought together two cohorts of young entrepreneurs with big ideas.

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Bio Gold: the power of plants

Pine pollen has been used traditionally for thousands of years as a superfood and herbal supplement. The Bio Gold team is harnessing the  power of plants to enrich human health, society and the environment.

The team joined our incubator programme looking fro growth and connections. By the time they left, they had already raised 600k!

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Building innovation capability

We love sharing our learnings and training the innovators of the future. The T7 Masterclass is all about equipping participants with the tools and techniques of innovation necessary to solve complex problems in a structured way, across multiple contexts. Here’s a snippet of our works with Logan City, Australia.

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